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Sports Day at Sakya 2024

Updated: Apr 24

🌟 Celebrating Abilities at Sakya Sports Day! 🌟

It was a day of joy and inspiration as the Sakya Foundation hosted a vibrant Sports Day on March 2nd, celebrating the exceptional abilities of children facing various challenges. With Mr. Ramachandra Paul, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bangalore City, as our esteemed Chief Guest, the day unfolded with a grand march past and a plethora of activities showcasing the children's zest and determination.

From parachute drills to hula hoop feats, the children displayed their skills with unwavering enthusiasm, turning sack races and obstacle courses into arenas of and friendly competition. Amidst the cheers, parents became fervent cheerleaders, while the children supported each other, overcoming obstacles and embracing newfound confidence.

The highlight of the day was witnessing triumphs over challenges, as children who once struggled now excelled in group drills and social interactions. As the sun set, it left behind memories of resilience, friendship, and boundless potential, reminding everyone of the power of inclusivity and celebrating each individual's unique strengths.

We extend our deepest gratitude to every organization and individual tirelessly working in this space. Let's join hands together to ensure that inclusion becomes a lived reality for all. Together, we can create a world where every individual is embraced and empowered. 🌟 #SakyaSportsDay #InclusionJourney #CelebratingAbilities #InclusionForAll



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