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About Sakya Foundation

Our Vision

A World where Individuals with Disabilities and Neurodiverse traits thrive within their communities. 

Our Mission

Empower Individuals with Disabilities and Neurodiverse traits by ensuring equitable access to comprehensive health support, quality education, and sustainable livelihood opportunities.

Our Approach - Inclusivity in Action

To realize this Mission, we collaborate with a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including Government bodies, Policy makers, Disability Rights Activists, NGOs, Corporates, and the broader community. Through these partnerships, we strive to drive systemic change and create an environment where inclusivity is not just a concept but a lived reality.

At Sakya Foundation, our journey is guided by the belief that true progress and human flourishing can only be achieved when every individual, regardless of their abilities or neurodivergent traits, is given the opportunity to shine and contribute to the rich tapestry of our global community

Join Us, Be the Change

The journey toward this brighter, more inclusive future is one we cannot make alone. We invite you to join us, to be part of the solution. Together, we can turn this vision into reality. Whether you're a policy maker, an advocate, a corporate partner, or someone who simply believes in the power of change, your contribution matters.

Your Role in the Movement

We invite you to be a part of this powerful movement. Your involvement, your passion, your support — they are the driving forces behind our mission. Whether you're a dedicated volunteer, a generous donor, an advocate for change, or a champion of inclusivity, your role is pivotal.

Meet the Team

At Sakya Foundation, our team is the driving force behind our mission to create a more inclusive and equitable world. Comprising dedicated experts from diverse fields, we unite under a common goal: to and healthcare  education,  champion equality, accessibility, for all.

By getting to know our team, you'll see the faces and stories behind our mission. Together, we can create lasting impact, and your support plays a crucial role in driving change and building a more inclusive society.

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Sakya Team

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